Great Scott! Actual miniature levitating Back to the Future Hover Boards available for pre-order.

RESCUE, Cali. – The public can now pre-order the world’s smallest actual levitating Back to the Future II Hover Boards through the website

Roughly 26 years ago, Back to the Future II showed us a glimpse of what 2015 fashion and technology would look like. The Hover Board is one piece of technology that should be available to the public this year, according to the movie. Though we can’t get a ‘life-size’ version just yet, there are miniature ones that have become available.

According to a press release, NeoLev Technologies, LLC announced Friday that its miniature replicas of the Hover Boards from the highly-acclaimed film Back to the Future II are available for pre-order. The Hover Boards were made available in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future. They are developed through a licensing agreement with Universal Partnerships & Licensing.

The boards operate on the principle of Diamagnetic Levitation, according to the release. Each board comes with a base which contains a special array of magnets, also known as a track, which creates a repulsive force against the pyrolytic graphite board. The track has a slight bend similar to a half pipe, allowing the board to sway back and forth for a very long period of time. Obviously, wheels are not necessary or included. is the website that will exclusively distribute NeoLev’s dual-lane Signature Edition series. The series will have laser-engraved signatures from filmmakers Gale and Robert Zemeckis, co-creator and director of Back to the Future, as well as John Bell, the graphic designer of the boards.

The Signature Edition series includes all five miniature Hover Boards shown in the pictures above, which are all depicted in the 1989 sequel Back to the Future II. Less than 500 units will be created.

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