Our Kickstarter Success Stories

We began building our first Kickstarter project back in April of 2013, and with much time, sweat, tears, tons of e-mails, and loads of dedication, we finally launched our campaign in October of 2013.

We ended up exceeding our funding goal at 145% of our original target. When our $13,000 stretch goal was achieved, all backers received an additional NeoLev Board made of pyrolytic graphite. The exposure resulted in interest of major online catalogs to carry the NeoLev in 2014 in a different but improved variant of the Kickstarter rewards, thus making them very rare. As a result of the successful campaign, we formed NeoLev Technologies to expand the current project and larger scale technology with further Research and Development and to manufacture these to an international mass market. On top of that, we were also able to get the US Patent and Trademark Office to publish our approved “NeoLev” trademark for registration.

Then in 2015, we signed a licensing agreement with Universal Studios to offer Back to the Future miniature Hover Boards. Our July-August 2015 campaign was also successful exceeding our goal. Click here for Back to the Future Kickstarter Campaign . Thank you Back to the Future backers!!

Now we are pushing forward with our hover board babies and making them available for online sales. It has been such an exciting and scary journey, but we wouldn’t be where we are today without those initial supporters from Kickstarter. We continue to thank those backers, and welcome new supporters as we enter online sales. Let’s get our fun off the ground!

Much Love from the NeoLev Team,
Wheels Not Included